The Coronas

The Coronas are an interactive music experience with the audience as the main instrument.

Pass on your musical wishes from the auditorium via an old-fashioned telephone on our balcony or digitally via our brand-new app. We make your wish come true!

The Coronas are certainly no ordinary parties and parties band, no a living juke box that can actually play everything that is requested. But then full of fire and with a good dose of humor, sometimes theatrical but always danceable. Because they can: stir up a party and take the audience on an unforgettable musical adventure. Always with an unexpected turn.

  • House band in the Holland Heineken House and at the Volvo Ocean Race
  • Performances at major festivals in the Netherlands such as Paaspop, Night At the Park, Zand, Haarlem Liberation Festival, Live 538
    XXL but also for example at one of the biggest festivals in Germany, “De Kieler Woche” and in Belgium “De Gentse
    Celebrate”. And of course one of the highlights, live with the Golden Oldies on Pinkpop
  • TV / Radio performances at, among others, De Wereld Draait door, Evers Opstand, Serious Request, Top 2000 and Top 4000. Weekly we are the house band at Radio 10 Rob van Someren
  • Multiple theater tours and club performances
  • Our concept has also proven itself in Germany with an average of 30 performances per year

In addition to music, there is a lot of room for theater, crazy decors, weird films and even stranger turns.
Partly due to the many interaction with the audience, it becomes an unexpected experience.
Self-conceived musical instruments and their own clothing style make it complete.

Stand up pop
The living juke box turned into an innovative app. Requests, playing along, putting someone in the spotlight and determining the show, you can do it all through this app.

Yep the band knows what partying is, below or above the rivers, carnival with a capital soft G, becomes a real carnival to remember.

In addition to performing outside, the Coronas also liven up all kinds of outside events with funny musical and theatrical fair-like acts.

From a band at a somewhat more modest company party, to a big band at an immense festival, the Coronas stand for nothing.
Come with your wishes and the Coronas will fill it in.



the app

Do your own special request  via our own cool app. With your own selfie on stage, performance with the band, serenade for your sweetheart, it’s all possible!

Download the app:

Take a look at the app with the event code: demo

Info Coronas App:

This app is for you! Requests, playing along, putting someone in the spotlight and determining the show, you can check it all through this app. Keep an eye on the screen on the stage because this will show you the rankings, but the voting rounds for determining the show will also be announced here.

Ranking list:

Here you can see the songs that have been requested. The song with the most votes is at number 1. You can vote up a song that you like by pressing the arrow next to the song. You can also see how many votes each song has, this is in the circle next to the arrow.

Request a song:

Enter here which song you would like to hear. This will then be placed in the rankings and can be voted up by your fellow partygoers via the green arrow next to the song.

Determine the show:

On the screen behind the band and by the band itself, 2 choices are indicated. By voting for 1 or 2 you can indicate what the band should do or play. When the vote is ready, a picture of your choice appears on your phone. Hold your phone with the photo on it and the band can see which choice is the favorite.


Can you sing, play drums, dance or do any other fun act? Here is your chance to perform with The Coronas. Don’t forget to enter your mobile number. We will contact you during the break so that we can plan your performance in the next set.

Put in the spotlight:

Here you can have the band put someone dear to you in the spotlight. Enter the reason (birthday, marriage request, married for so many years, dear colleague, someone who is always there for you, etc.) and the song you want to hear. Don’t forget to upload a photo of the person you want to put in the spotlight so we can show it on the screen.

Change your selfie:

You can upload and / or change your selfie (or photo) here. Do not forget to press the “upload” button to save your input. If your requested song, or your choice is determined at the show, you will also see your selfie appear on the screen.


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Go Carnaval
Bergkamen (DU)
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Freiburg (DU)
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Go Carnaval
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Corporate parties, private and public parties
De Coronas
+31 (0)6 17 55 2111

Inquiries and information for Germany

Ellen Kamrad Eventmanagement
Telefon: +49 (0) 221 6060868

Mobil: +49 (0) 177 7751188

Stand up Pop

The Coronas are an interactive music experience with the audience as the main instrument. Pass on your musical wishes analogously by telephone on our balcony or digitally via our brand new app. We make your wish come true!

Stand-up Pop

De Coronas makes your wishes come true with great musical empathy. Rock ’n’ Roll Animals, Crooners, Butcher Stars, Soul Divos & Reggae Rastas, The Coronas are all.

Requesting songs has never been so much fun
Have a nice conversation with the band from the balcony or join your request in the app of your nicest photo or selfie. And then let De Coronas surprise you! Because at least they play your musical wish. But maybe also the song in a different style. Or you will be overwhelmed with homemade animations and original acts. And before you know it you have your own minute of fame on the Coronas screen.

  • Interactive music experience? What is that then?
  • Live karaoke
  • Multi-instrumentalists on stage with 5000 songs in the pocket
  • Attendance on stilts
  • Register via the app to play and / or sing
  • Surprise someone with a special request via the app
  • A V.I.P. who calls with a special request
  • Voting via the op on certain numbers
  • Mash ups on the spot
  • Unique own clothing and decor
  • Spontaneous flash jobs


It is possible to compile a musical blueprint of the guests prior to the performance. The Coronas can visit the canteen, the warehouse or during an MT meeting or at the football club by appointment to demonstrate the app and fill it with musical wishes. Promote your festival or event by communicating your own unique event code from the app and thus letting the rankings with requests go through the village like a wildfire. Logo, coat of arms, friends photo, wedding card or any other desired item, we always incorporate it into our announcement video. The pulse of the performance is determined with the app and the balcony.

Coronas go Carnival

For this special time of the year we can be booked as a short act in which the balcony is replaced by the Carnival medium “Annie”

Coronas go Carnaval

Based on the many items of clothing that Annie has put on during her Carnival travels around the world, the Coronas play the corresponding music. This is how De Coronas undresses Annie and the audience while playing her favorite Carnival song. As dessert, Prince (es) Carnaval can write his / her favorite Carnival song somewhere on Annie and play a dance with her car like De Coronas this song. The performance guarantees carnivalesque scenes and precarious musical situations. But the roof goes off. Just like at Pinkpop, Het Holland Heineken Huis and more than 3000 other performances.

Rolling Coronas

Walking act 2.0 on request and on rolls. Ideal for any festival in whatever form (company parties in festival atmosphere, culinary festivals, neighborhood parties, reception act etc.)

Rolling Coronas

The large request balcony is transformed into a moving stage with a built-in sound system. Coronas on the balcony, calling requests, you don’t need more.